Chairman's Message (2007-2008)

It is indeed my honor to be the Chairman of HKIIE for this session and your first Chairman of the institution. I am privileged to be given the opportunity to work with the council members to implement the necessary measures and activities for the establishment the operation of the institution.

The Hong Kong Institution of Incorporated Engineers (HKIIE) has been registered through Hong Kong Police’s Licensing Office by former senior council members since 1997. This year, it is the 10th anniversary of the HKIIE, which is a great year for HKIIE to launch the operation. The first special general meeting and council committee meeting of the year were conducted in February 2007. Following this, a series of activities are planned for the members in the forthcoming months during 2007- 2008. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all the enthusiastic members and the elected council members who had contributed their precious time and effort with unyielding beliefs in professionalism for the Institution.

Looking forward, we have a lot of initiatives for further development. We shall strike to achieve towards our vision and mission of the HKIIE.

For those, potential members, who are interested to become members of the HKIIE, they are welcomed to join us as early as possible. We need your support!

Being a HKIIE member, you get a say as you are one of us and we need helping hands to steer the HKIIE. If you are already an Incorporated Engineer, you should join without hesitation to refresh our friendship and if you’re not, you will not be discriminated but you will feel the mutual respect from each other.

To this end, I would like to appeal you for your continual support to the HKIIE. I can reassure you that we will continue to advance members’ privileges and we are at your services.

Tom Law
Chairman (FHKIIE)
The Hong Kong Institution of Incorporated Engineers

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