Chairman's Message (2012-2014)

Dear Fellow Members,

I am honored to be elected as HKIIE Chairman for Session 2012/2014. I would like to thank our immediate past chairman, Mr. Albert Tam for his efforts over the last 4 years (2008-2012) and I know he will continue to support the team and the industry. We had our first Council meeting in June this year and we will continue delivering the best services and latest information to our members.

In addition to the activities that HKIIE will regular organize, we will provide and create more platforms to widen our members’ learning opportunities and exposures of every kind of sustainable development on our interdisciplinary engineering professionals.  

Finally...thank you to all new Council members for their commitment on different  important roles and I look forward to working with you as our strategic partners and to continue, to adopt, to adapt and to improve whatever we need here. The Committee is working for you. We count on YOU as members, to give us support, contribution for a fruitful programme which meets your need and expectation in the year ahead!

Johnson Lau

FHKIIE  (2012-2014)
July 2012

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