Chairman's Message (2010-2012)

I am honored to be re-elected as the Chairman for the term of 2010 to 2012. Ever since the HKIIE had officially launched in 2007, we have actively participated many activities and events organized by peers Institutions, Associations and professionals as well as organized many successful technical visits.

During my term of office from 2008 to 2010, many plans and activities were completed successfully. Firstly, we attended Guangzhou Association of Engineers (GAE)'s annual spring celebration, participated annual Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Engineer Forum (GHMT), attended quarterly meetings and joined site and factory visits. From that, it did really broaden our networking and enable us to acquire invaluable new technologies. Secondly, we had chances for members to participate the Council of Hong Kong Professional Associations (COPA)’s CPD talks and events. Invaluable information and technical information were collected and we met many renowned professionals and entrepreneurs with a view to maintaining good relationship with peers Institutions and Associations. Thirdly, in early 2010, we had accredited five programmes organized by Hong Kong College of Technology (HKCT). We anticipate that our membership base will be increased from this source. We will continue working in this approach so as to maintain the growth of our Institution. In particular, we encourage more young members to join HKIIE. Let us make our very best effort to work hard in this direction as our main task in the years to come.  

I take this opportunity to thank so much to the effort and hard work of the Council Members and the full support from our fellow members especially the advice and guidance from Past Chairman Mr. Tom Law and Founding President Dr. Samuel Chu. Without them we are unable to accomplish numerous challenging goals. 

Albert Tam Hon. FHKIIE
Chairman (2010/2012)
June 2010

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