Founding President's Address 2012

Dear HKIIE Fellow Members, I am gratified to inform you that the Institution conferred the Life Honorary Advisor title on me in the 7 July 2012 AGM. First, I wish to thank the Chairman, Mr. Albert Tam and all the Council Members of the Institution in giving recognition to me for the service to the Institution, the effort to the engineering profession and the community. Second, I wish to share the honour and happiness with you on being awarded the Medal of Honour (MH) in the 2012 HKSAR Establishment Day Honours List [Gazette Extraordinary No. 22/2012]. The highest honour I've ever attained is that of having my name coupled with you in the Institution. In fact, you deserve to win the appreciation and recognition but as your representative I get my name on the List. Please accept my heartfelt thanks to your unfailing support ever since.

As we were aware of the importance of recruiting youngsters to join the profession, class of Graduate members (Grad HKIIE) has been created and this year Student members are also in place for application by the students undertaking relevant engineering programmes.

As one of the major roles and objectives to promote professional sustainability, we have a closer partnering relationship with Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) (HK Centre), the Institute of Hong Kong Architectural Technologists (HKAT), the Institute of Clerks of Works & Construction Inspectors (ICWCI) (HK Branch), the Hong Kong Institute of Clerks of Works (HKICW), the Council of Professional Associations (COPA), and the Guangzhou Association of Engineers (GAE).

I am delighted to inform you that Dr. Eddie Liu, Chairman (Promotion & Public Relations) and Mr. Tom Law, Chairman (External Affairs) have been elected the Executive Committee Members of the COPA on 14 July 2012. Also I am appointed as the Guangzhou – HK Liaison Officer of GAE. Also some of you have applied for GAE Life Members successfully. The aforesaid achievements can strengthen stronger ties and closer co-operation amongst professional bodies. We will continue to work on raising the profession’s profile and visibility.

We have also re-accredited the programmes which are organized by the Hong Kong College of Technology and Bulacan State University.

In appreciation of the outstanding services to the Institution, Dr. Eddie Liu and Mr. Teddy Leung (Hon. Treasurer) were approved by the Council and admitted to the class of Honorary Fellow (Hon.FHKIIE) in January 2011 while Dr. William Ip, Chairman (Engineering Managers’ Registration Council) (EMRC) and Mr. CP Yu, Council Member (EMRC) in January 2012. Congratulations! My heartfelt thanks go to my colleagues in the Council for their contributions to HKIIE and EMRC.

I hope that, through all the efforts, the idea of sustainability has been firmly etched in everybody’s mind and the HKIIE is on the course to develop in a healthy, sustainable manner.

samuel sign
Dr. Samuel Chu MH
Founding President &
Life Hon. Advisor

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