Founding President's Address (June 2008)

Dear HKIIE Fellow Members,

It has been a great honour to be the Founding President of the Hong Kong Institution of Incorporated Engineers (HKIIE). Our Institution is playing an increasingly important part in nurturing the local and cross-border friendships and connections, e.g. by becoming the Institution Member of the Council of Hong Kong Professional Associations (COPA) and closer collaborating with the Guangzhou Association Engineers (GAE).

I have been especially keen to see the HKIIE become more multi-disciplinary with wider variety of professions, so as to extend our horizons and embrace new types of engineers that have emerged as a result of the blending of professions and their influences in the coming future. It has, therefore, been very satisfying to see the hard work of the Institution in this area come to fruition.

With our members' enthusiastic participation and willingness to seek out new challenges and increased involvement in related matters, Professional Committee (PC) of Special Interest Group have been formed as follows:

PC1 -
Information, Communication Technology, Manufacturing, Process Control & Automation and Transport Engineering
PC2 -
Building Services, Environment, Energy and Power
PC3 -
Education, Training & Development and Medical Engineering
PC4 -
Contract, Management and Consultancy

We need and want you all to stay close to the Institution. I would like to thank every one of you wholeheartedly for the privilege of being the Founding President of the HKIIE.

samuel sign

Samuel Chu Hon.FHKIIE
Founding President

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